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Management Tools

Spectrum Analyzer Tutorial One of the most important tools you'll use
Solar Winds TFTP Server Download free TFTP server for Windows
Cacti home page Free RRD tool
Getif MIB Browser Download free MIB Browser for Windows
Wireshark free protocol analyzer formerly known as Ethereal
Nagios home page Free host and service monitor tool
DOCSIS modem configuration guide


These are scripts I have used to help manage cable modem systems. There are no guarantees they will work for you in your situation.

ADCindex script to convert ADC if index
Cuda Signal Quality script to poll downstream signal quality table on an ADC cuda
Cuda Config script to build an ADC cuda configuration file
Cisco Modem Count script to poll modem counts using SNMP
Show Modems script to poll show modem count on an upstream. Originally designed for OpenView pop-up
Show Controllers script to show controllers on a Cisco CMTS. Originally designed for OpenView
Show CPU script to poll CPU usage on a Cisco device using SNMP
Clear ARP script to automatically clear the ARP cache on a Cisco device
IOS TFTP script to automate TFTP transfers on Cisco IOS devices using SNMP
Cat TFTP script to automate TFTP transfers on Cisco Cat OS devices
BSR Spectrum script to get modem stats and inband spectrum information on an upstream of a BSR CMTS

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